One of the first things you need to do when you sign up for Little Big Shop is to go into ‘Settings’ and fill out some information such as business details, ABN & GST.

    From your Little Big Shop admin Dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ menu item in the left hand navigation, then select ‘Shop Details’.

    Shop details

    business details

    Business Details

    You will need to enter the below information about your business. This will appear on the bottom of the customer invoice and also on the Contact Us page.

    business details

    Are you registered for GST?

    Not all small business owners in Australia have to register for GST. If you’re not sure, click on the Do I need to register? link to find out more information.

    • If you are already registered, click the toggle to activate, which will display the GST field.
    • Enter the GST rate applicable to your region (10% in Australia).
    • The Goods and Services Tax will be applied to the Product price / RRP or Discounted / sale price.

    Click the toggle on the top right section to activate or deactivate your feature.

    are you registered for gst

    To exclude an individual product from GST, go to ‘Products’, search and select your product and select the box ‘GST/Tax does not apply to this product’.

    ABN (Australian business number)

    Your ABN is a unique 11-digit code that allows the government and the wider community to identify your business. You will need an ABN to start selling online.
    Visit the Australian Business Register to apply for one.

    These two panels outline all your website related information.

    • Shop link: this is the link to your shop and website, which is what your customers will see
    • Website admin: this is the login to Little Big Shop’s admin console, where you administer your shop
    • Connect your own domain name: If you click the toggle to activate the feature, a link will display more information on custom domains and steps to help you set one up
    website details