Discover how set up your Little Big Shop for analytics, and link to your social media accounts.

    This guide will help you link to your social media accounts within your Little Big Shop, and show you how to manage and deploy marketing tags, from Google Tag Manager.

    Follow the steps below to get started.

    Step-by-step guide to linking to social media and setting up analytics

    Step 1: Access the Analytics & Social Section

    • Navigate to the left-hand menu and click on “Analytics & social.”

    Step 2: Link your social media accounts

    • In the Add social icons section, enter the URLs for your social media profiles.
      • Facebook: Enter your Facebook profile URL (e.g.,
      • Twitter: Enter your Twitter profile URL (e.g.,
      • Instagram: Enter your Instagram profile URL (e.g.,
      • LinkedIn: Enter your LinkedIn profile URL (e.g.,
      • Manage Marketing Tools & Analytics
    ecommerce analytics

    Step 3: Manage Marketing Tools & Analytics

    • Google Tag Manager
      • In the Marketing tools & Analytics section, you can manage and deploy marketing tags on your website.
      • Enter your Google Tag Manager ID (e.g., GTM-XXXXXXX).

    Step 4: Save Your Changes

    • Once you have entered the necessary information, click the “Save” button located at the top right corner of the screen.

    Tips to keep in mind

    • Double-check the URLs for your social media profiles to ensure they are correct.
    • Make sure to enter the correct Google Tag Manager ID to enable accurate tracking and analytics.
    • Regularly update your social media links if they change to keep your website visitors connected to your latest profiles.
    • Prioritise marketing!

    It’s so easy to link to your social media, and add marketings tags from Google Tag Manager to your shop.

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