How to search and manage promo codes in your Little Big Shop

    This guide will help you search for existing promo codes efficiently.

    Follow the steps below to find, manage and edit your promotional campaigns.

    Step-by-step guide on searching promo codes

    Step 1: Access the promotions section

    • Navigate to the left-hand menu and click on Promotions.

    Step 2: Enter search criteria

    • In the “Promo code name” field, enter the name of the promo code you are looking for.
    • Use the “Promo code type” dropdown menu to select the type of promo code you want to search for. Options may include percentage discounts, fixed amount discounts, or other types specific to your store.
    • In the “Promotion description” field, you can enter keywords or phrases that are part of the promotion’s description to help narrow down your search results.
    • Timeframe: Specify the date range for the promotions by entering the start date in the first date field and the end date in the second date field. Use the format dd/mm/yyyy.

    Step 3: Perform the Search

    • Once you have entered the desired search criteria, click the “Search” button to display the results.
    • If you need to clear the fields and start over, click the “Clear” button.

    Step 4: Review the search results

    • The search results will display a list of promotions that match your criteria.
    • From the search results, you can view, edit, or manage the promotions as needed.

    Tips to effectively search

    • Use specific keywords in the Promotion description field to narrow down your search.
    • Adjust the date range in the Timeframe fields to find promotions within a specific period.
    • Utilise the Promo code type dropdown to filter promotions by their type.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily search and manage promo codes in the Little Big Shop admin panel.

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