Manage your billing contact details and payment details on the “Payment Information” page.

    The “Payment Information” page consists of two main sections, including “Billing contact detail,” and “Payment information.”

    Read on to discover how to navigate each page.

    How to find the “Payment information” page

    To access the Payment information page:

    1. Navigate to your shop’s admin dashboard.
    2. Click on your name on the top right hand corner
    3. Select “Payment information”

    Billing contact details

    In this section, you will enter the contact details associated with your billing information.

    Steps to Update Billing Contact Details:

    1. First name and surname:
      • Enter your first name in the “First name” field.
      • Enter your surname in the “Surname” field.
    2. Address:
      • Enter your billing address in the “Address” field.
    3. Contact number:
      • Enter a valid contact number in the “Contact number” field.
    4. Contact email:
      • Enter your email address in the “Contact email” field.
    5. Save:
      • Once all fields are filled, click the “Save” button to update your billing contact details.

    Need to update your credit card details?

    Then check out the “Payment information” part of the page, just below Billing contact details.

    Payment information

    Here, enter or edit your credit or debit card details.

    1. Card Holder Name:
      • Enter the name as it appears on your card in the “Card holder name” field.
    2. Card Number:
      • Enter your card number in the “Card number” field. Make sure to enter the number correctly without any spaces.
    3. Expiry Date:
      • Select the expiry month of your card from the “Expiry month” dropdown.
      • Select the expiry year of your card from the “Expiry year” dropdown.
    4. CVN:
      • Enter the CVN (Card Verification Number) from the back of your card in the “CVN” field.
    5. Save:
      • After entering all card details, click the “Save” button to update your payment information.

    Please note, these card details will be charged monthly for your Little Big Shop plan.

    Additional information

    • Security: Your card details are stored securely, and all transactions are processed with high levels of security to protect your information.
    • Card Types Accepted: You can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for payments.

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