How to import products into your Little Big Shop

    Little Big Shop allows you to import multiple products onto your ecommerce site, and it is a quick and efficient way to manage your inventory.

    Follow these simple steps to import your products using our template.

    Little Big Shop import products

    Step-by-step guide

    Step 1: Download Template:

    • Select “Products” on the left of your Little Big Shop admin account.
    • Press “Import products
    • Click on the Download Template button. This will download a template to your computer.
    • Open the downloaded template.

    Step 2: Populate the template

    • Fill in the necessary product information in the template.
      • Add in required information, including name, description, price, stock quantity, etc.
    • Ensure all required fields are filled out accurately to avoid any errors whilst uploading, or as you sell stock.

    Step 3: Upload the file

    • Once you have completed and saved your template file, return to the “Import Products” page.
    • Click on the Choose file button.
    • Select the completed template file from your computer.
      • After selecting the file, click on the Upload button.
      • The system will process the file and import the product information into your shop.

    Tips to successfully import products

    • Data Accuracy: Double-check your data for accuracy before uploading. Incorrect or incomplete data can cause errors or result in products not being imported correctly.
    • Consistent Formatting: Ensure that all data is formatted consistently. For example, use the same units for measurements and ensure prices are in the correct currency format.
    • Save a Copy: Always save a copy of your completed template before uploading. This can serve as a backup or for future reference.


    • Error Messages: If you encounter any error messages during the upload process, review the error details and correct any issues in your template file. Common errors may include missing required fields or incorrect data formats.

    Importing products in Little Big Shop saves you time and effort…

    Allowing you to can focus on running your small business.

    Follow the steps outlined above to ensure a smooth and successful import.