Let’s tour your Little Big Shop dashboard!

    Welcome to your Little Big Shop dashboard! This is your central hub for managing your online store. Let’s explore the main features and how to use them.

    Dashboard Overview

    Header section:

    • Shop Name: Your shop’s name and logo are displayed here.
    • Website Link: View your shop’s URL. Click “Connect to your own domain” to set up a custom domain.
    • User Role: Indicates your role (e.g., Admin Owner).
    • Active Plan: Shows your current subscription plan.
    • Next Billing Date: Displays when your next payment is due.
    • Help: Access help and support.
    • Visit Shop: Visit your online store as customers see it.
    • User Profile: Your profile information and settings.

    Main dashboard:

    • Open Orders: Number of orders that are currently open.
    • Orders This Week: Total orders received this week.
    • Products: Total number of products listed in your store.

    Order status overview:

    • New Orders: Orders that have just been placed.
    • Awaiting Payment: Orders waiting for payment.
    • To Be Dispatched: Orders ready to be shipped.
    • Overdue: Orders that are past their expected shipment date.

    Getting started checklist:

    • Set up your business:
      • Complete your business details.
      • Choose how to accept payment.
      • Configure your shipping rates.
    • Create your shop:
      • Add your first product.
      • Customise your website.
    ecommerce platform little big shop dashboard

    Side navigation menu

    1. Dashboard: Return to the main dashboard at any time.
    2. Website: Manage and customise your online store’s appearance.
    3. Products: Add, edit, and manage your products.
    4. Orders: View and manage customer orders.
    5. Customers: Manage your customer database and view customer information.
    6. Marketing:
      • Promotions: Create and manage discounts and promotions.
      • Analytics & Social: Access analytics and connect social media accounts.
    7. Shop Settings:
      • Settings: Adjust general settings for your shop.
      • Accept Payments: Configure payment methods.
      • Shipping: Set up shipping options and rates.
      • Reporting: Access detailed reports on your shop’s performance.

    Tips for using your dashboard

    • Explore the menu: Familiarise yourself with the side navigation menu to easily access different sections of your store.
    • Complete the checklist: Follow the “Getting Started” checklist to ensure your shop is fully set up.

    Little Big Shop’s dashboard is so simple to use!

    We hope you enjoy using Little Big Shop! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to navigate our Help Documentation or contact us.